How to write good advertisements

Talk with graphic who is responsible for posting advertisements, and even better sit with him drinking a glass. He will share with you by little secrets. As I said before, the form of an article gives the highest effect. A couple of words more about what you have not to do preparing announcements:

1. Avoid colored background.

2. Do not use white letters on black background. That kind of advertisements causes suspicion of unprofessionalism, it is hard to read it.

3. Don’t use illustrations. The human imagination is quite rich. Let imagination of client work, it is useful to you.

4. Do not let yourself to be convinced to leave blank fields “necessary” in terms of art. You pay for this field the same as for words. Words make ready the buyer, empty fields do not.

And remember: do not use the postbox as your address. It may seem that you hide something. Giving your address, you will help customer in buying directly at your firm. Read the advertisements of other firms. If they repeat, it means that things are going well. Pay attention, whether they behave in accordance with advertisements. If they break the established norms, that could mean some innovations, and effective.

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