It is not the secret for anyone the fact that the main source of all the newspapers, radio, TV is advertising, for which customers, commercial or public enterprises are paying. Because of numerous orders, which arrives daily from numerous persons, a new task was formed to the employees of MEDIA: to learn quickly the art of advertising at the same time taking into account all the necessary features of its psychological impact on a potential reader. It is very important to know how to prepare attractive advertisements, which obtaining the optimal shape, would get effective impact on readers. It is clear for everybody that if advertisements in the newspaper is not executed properly and they are not interesting, there is a chance that the advertised product will decrease the effect of influence on readers, but the worst thing is that such bungle compiled advertisements will spoil the look of the publication and this, finally, can lead to complete loss of credibility of newspapers by readers. It is worth take into account the fact that advertisers often turn to the most popular publications with large edition, which have a huge audience of readers.

Advertisement in newspaper

Secrets of preparing of advertisement in newspaper

Of course, nothing is perfect in our world and each channel may have certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the profits and continuances of advertising in the newspaper. We will start, of course, from merit. The main advantages of advertisement in the newspaper: efficiency, flexibility, broad acceptance, mass character, high confidence. Commenting the merits, it may be noted that there are sufficient number of them, but also the same number of shortcomings exist. First, the short life of publications, second, the quality of the printing wish to leave a better, and third, the secondary readers practically do not exist. An advertisement in the newspaper can be considered as successful if it is issued not only briefly, but also original. In the text of the advertisement should not be useless information which prevented or cut the effect of advertisement. It is worth to remember that the longer the text, the less amount of people will read it. Therefore, the less amount of words in the advertisement, the cheaper is placement of advertisement for employer. Accordingto the advices of American theorists of advertising, text of advertisement should be prepared simply, should be direct, interesting and above all truthfully. A good title gives 100% of success attracting readers to announcement. Promises of any benefit or solution of some kind of problems for reader, in which short, simple words are used, greatly improves the quality of header. Retention of title may be increased including in header inverted words and mark of goods. But unfortunately, in the Russian press most of advertisements do not contain headers neither slogans. If the illustration is put into announcement, it must contain an important and necessary information for the consumer of the goods or services. A successful picture is the picture, which content is simple and carries out the “glimmer” of interest. That kind of picture will always awake curiosity of readers. That is why the correct-looking advertisement may cause increased sales of advertised products.

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