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Do you know those, which account you want to take hold of? What is the range of users to whom you want to address through the advertisement? What profit will get your consumers from using the product offered by you or making a purchase directly on your site?

Prospects and opportunities of your proposal, for example, such as speed and scale of your service, the color of your product and so on, ultimately, are less important to buyers than, actually, the profits of possession of the subject. On the other hand, the charm of seating on a comfortable swinging chair in a garden in wonderful evening, the enjoy off slight wind and a glass of drink in your hand are more important than the fact that this armchair may be twenty different colors and is delivered within two weeks. Remember this!

That is why cars manufacturers throw millions of dollars out for advertising campaigns, for the rollers, which show “gorgeous woman driving the luxury car in the beautiful evening on the shore of the beautiful sea” or something similar. And you will never see in good advertising video demonstration of the car’s tank capacity, length of flash-lights or the mark of steel of cranks.

And, of course, if you try to think, you will find always a lot of ways to turn your business opportunities and perspectives in direct benefit (or rather, submit them as direct benefit). It is necessary just to pick up the right words for this.

End of advertisement

I hope there is no need to explain how important it is to force the user to perform the requested action directly after the reading of advertisement. Even if the reader has already convinced of the need of your product or service, he almost never will buy it immediately, if nothing to persuade him to do this. Force them, yes, yes just force the readers to act immediately. Give them a reason why this is necessary. Below I will give you some sentences that usually helps overcome this barrier between knowledge and buying braking dawn the cautious, which is characteristic of every human.

1. “This offer is just for a few days!”

2. “Number of copies is limited!”

3. “Do it now and you receive a discount …”

4. “For all buyers gifts from the company within three days!”

5. “If you become one of the first 10 purchasers …” etc.

Make “offer, from which it is impossible to refuse” and you will see how overnight the number of requests for the offered products will reach you.

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